Albergue Mi Casita

Albergue “Mi Casita”;  shelter: a home far from home that makes us proud…

This service is for those patients from the interior of the country that receive ambulatory chemotherapy treatment and/or need to have a medical test while they visit for control. It is important to emphasize that the current population from outside Caracas represents 52% of the total children and adolescents attended by Fanconi Anaemia Complementation Group C (FANCC).

Albergue “Mi Casita” offers accommodation, protection and shelter to infants, children, and adolescents, assisted by Friends Of Kids With Cancer Foundation, who come from the interior of the country and suffer from oncologic diseases. They are offered place to stay surrounded by a family atmosphere and affection apart from assistance in medical, social, psychological, nutritional, recreational, cultural and educational areas.

The shelter has 18 bedrooms and several bathrooms; common areas as kitchen, dining rooms, a game and TV room, an educational area, a social area, clothes washing and drying, food supplies, bedclothes, personal care products; cleaning utensils and supplies. Two of the rooms in the shelter were designed to isolate patients who have received a bone marrow transplant from the program Fundamédula.

To be admitted, children have to:

  • Be already assisted by Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer.
  • Come from the interior of the country.
  • Need an appropriate place to stay while they have medical tests or undergo treatments.
  • Be accompanied by their representative. The Foundation guarantees round-trip transportation to and from hospitals if they need it during their stay.