Drops of Aid 2018

Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer “Drops of Aid” program

uses the figure of crowfunding to raise funds bringing together social networks, electronic banking transactions and the collaboration of our friends to add“Drops of Aid”(Bs.20,000 each) until our goal to collect 100,000 drops or more during three months is reached. This year the campaign will start on April 11th, and will last 3 months.

We are basing this fourth edition on a new concept: the economy of solidarity. In the context of a complex economy and a difficult situation for all of us, we want to invite you to reflex on how hard it can be for our children with cancer.

Your contribution will help many children with cancer survive by having timely access to their treatment with fitted professionals. Nowadays, thanks to technological advances and early detection, the 5-year survival rate for children has been estimated in 70% for most histologic varieties, even in advanced stages of the disease.

We invite you to join our “Drops of Aid” Program. Help us to give them life and donate. Your contribution is a new opportunity for them.

Visit www.gotasdeayuda.com